Monday May 23, 2022


gharbi.jpgGeographical Information of Caspian Sea

Having an area of about 438000 square kilometers, the Sea is the largest lake in the world, wich goes to Black Sea and Baltic Sea through Volga and Volgadon rivers and connects northern ports of the Caspian Sea to northern and southern Eropean ports.The aepth of this sea increases southward, so that the depth of northern areas do not exceed 16 meters and reaches a depth of 1000 meters in south and south-western parts. Eighty percent of entering water of the Caspian Sea ia supplied by Volga river. The length of the Caspian Sea is about 1205 kilometers and its average width is 554 kilometers. The difference of water level at the Caspian Sea compared with open seas has been registered at -26.2 meters at Nowshahr port. The most important utilization of the Caspian Sea are shipping, business, oil, passenger and fishing exchanges. The shores of this sea are mainly sandy and plain low. The presence of the Caspian Sea has a determining role in the weather and climate of the northern beaches of Iran and all the unique beauties of Guilan, Mazandaran and Golestan provinces depend upon the availability of environmental conditions of this Sea. The length of Iran's coast beside this sea extends from Hosseingholi Bay to the central city of Astra and includes Guilan and Mazandaran and a part of Golestan provinces. The most important active ports of the Caspian Sea are "Anzali" and "Nowshahr" at Iranian coasts, "Bako" at Azarbaijan coasts, "Makhach Ghaleh" and "Astrakhan" at Russia coasts, "Aktao" at Kirghizia coasts and "Turkmenbashi" or "Krasnavodosh" at Turkmenistan coasts. Following the independence of republics beside the Caspian Sea, the political and economic situation of the Caspian Sea changed and Iran, as the shortest connecting route of these countries to open seas and located at the route of Corridor 9, found a significant importance. Compare with the route of the Persian Gulf, transportation of goods through poprts of the Caspian Sea to Europe is more suitable and economical due to favorable climate, cheap transportation fare and shortness of the route.